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vikingprincess in x_men100

4 X-Men Drabbles: Priest, Benevolence, Calm, Charity (Rogue/Various)

Titles: Priest, Benevolence, Calm, Charity (Alpha #19-22)
Author: vikingprincess|[personal profile] vikingprincess
Rogue & OMC, Rogue/Magneto, Rogue/Carol Danvers, Rogue/Wolverine; various X-Men universes (see spoiler information for details)
Ratings/Warnings: All Ages
Spoiler Information: "Priest" and "Calm" are set in The Reeducation of Remy LeBeau 'verse, inspired by a combination of X1, X2, X-Men Evolution, and X-Men 616. "Benevolent" and "Charity" are set during X1.
Genre: Drabbles (4 x 100)
Prompt/s: Omega, Alpha, and Beta drabble theme sets are from x_men100 and can be found here.
Disclaimer: I neither own nor profit from anything related to the X-Men, who belong to Marvel and Disney.

( Priest, Benevolence, Calm, Charity )