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katleept in x_men100

Presenting Cerebro Legends!!

Presenting the only challenge community of its kind . . .


Here comes YOUR chance to side with Xavier or Magneto and get points for your team by creating new fan works, of any kind, based off of new challenges for each round! Plus, get bonus points by making those fan works star your chosen X-Man or X-Woman!

All characters are still available!!

We also welcome all things X-Men -- comics, cartoons, movies! As long as it's X-Men, it's good! :-)

Click here for more information!


This sounds very interesting and I would love to participate, but I'm a bit confused. Is it a separate community? What are the rules? How to we claim a character?
YES!!!!!!!! *ahem* Sorry for my overeagerness, but you're the first one, other than myself, to show any interest at all. :-) I can't believe I forgot to include a link to the comm in the advertisement post (it's just been too long since I did anything of the sort), but yes, it is a new comm. The rules are simple. Click here to go to the comm's profile; you'll find more information and all the rules posted right there. To claim a character, just reply to this post here; you can let me know your choice of team -- Xavier or Magneto -- right there, as well! :-)
Ooh, awesome! Thanks for the link, and for getting back to me so quickly. :) I've been looking for a new comm for a while, so this will be fun.

I've joined, but I have to think about who I want to claim and which side I want to be on. Romy is my OTP, but I have the strangest urge to pick Mystique or Polaris~

*runs off to weight options*
You're quite welcome! :-) I'm thrilled you actually want to play! I've been excited about this idea for a long time -- so much so that I don't even care who I end up picking and am waiting to let others have a wider chance instead of grabbing one of my faves, like Emma, Storm, or Kitty, right off the bat -- or what team I'm on.

I've got the challenges written down on paper, hope to post them by the end of this week.

Sean/Emma is actually my het OTP, but they get so little love. It's taken me years (I prefer Joseph/Rogue), but I've finally come around to Romy.

Let me know whenever you know who you want to be, and please do spread the word to any X-fans you know. We can use more players!