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astolatastolat wrote
on May 23rd, 2003 at 07:17 pm

Miles to Go (Logan & Rogue, X2 very minor spoilers, G)

Not bothering to cut-tag this -- it's an X2 missing scene, but the spoilers are very minor.

100 words, and I'm on the Rogue bandwagon this week. ::g::

Miles to Go

One hour more to Boston, and Bobby and John are alternating snores in the back seat. Marie's not asleep but quiet, watching the highway slide on by. Logan looks over at her once in a while to see the shine of headlights in her eyes.

He doesn't often think about might-have-beens, but he can imagine what it would've been like, being on the road with her. Three hundred miles from Loftlin City to the next roadside bar. She would've slept part of the way, and by the time they'd have gotten there, she'd have known him without needing a touch.

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