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talktooloose in x_men100

Title: "Mission"
Character: Bobby
Universe: Movieverse, post-X2
Challenge: none
Betalet: kuriadalmatia
Disclaimer: Thanks to Marvel and 20th Century Fox for use of their stuff
Rating: Nothing that would scare the horses

The mansion is not just a school—not just a place where mutant kids can feel normal. Bobby is forced to remember this every time emergency curfew is called and the teachers vanish into the mysterious sub-levels.

The next day, if classes aren't cancelled, Scott will walk in with a slight limp or wince when he brushes against the blackboard. Shooting hoops afterwards, the students will speculate in nervous whispers about the “mission,” because none of the teachers will talk about it. And Bobby, his heart pounding sickeningly, will miss half his shots…

Because he knows his day is coming.

Chocolates to my poor, sweet Bobby


Nice insight into how the students react to the second role that their teachers play. I like.
merci. some must imagine the action-life of an X-Man but it must freak others out totally. Some, like Bobby, feel a bit of both, I think. It's his sense of duty that will lead him into that role, but he's not sure he'll be ready for it.
This is awesome. That double role is definitely worth consideration.

Since Bobby's not on a team in this drabble, I assume it's movieverse? It was fun to read, because it talked about missions, unlike a lot of relationship-based X-fic. I'm not knocking it; that's what I write too. But I always wonder what kind of missions the X-men undertake in this 'verse, since Magneto and the Brotherhood are their main (only?) canon enemy. What else do the X-men do, besides recruiting new members and blowing up train stations?

Pardon me, I ramble.
LOL! Wow, I never thought of that! I mean, movie Spiderman has lots of cheap thugs to foil in between The Goblin and Doc Ock. But what are the X-Men all trained up for?

Yes, it's movieverse. I said so.

My only fic other than this so far is a relationship one (Bobby/John), but I've been thinking that it doesn't makes sense to forget that X-Men is an action team and that I should set the relationships in this context. I've seen a bit of that in post-X2 St. John fics where it is implied that he is off with the Brotherhood causing mayhem. But otherwise, things can get a bit "Degrassi with powers".

Thanks for rambling and reading.
"Degrassi with powers"


Yeah, most of the action in the fandom *is* post-X2 Brotherhood-related. Which is odd, since all appearances seem to suggest that Magneto's down to Mystique and Pyro. (What happened to Sabretooth at the end of X1? I always forget.)

The X-men have to be up to something. If all they needed was to get to Boston every once in a while, they could save money and fly United Air instead. I suppose there must be teen mutants who manifest dangerously and out-of control alphas to deal with every once in a while.

*must write less sappy fic*
>Because he knows his day is coming.

Powerful little fic, great ending.
Thanks. Great icon!