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vikingprincess in x_men100

"Fell Apart" and "Destroyer" - Two X-Men Song Fics (Gambit, Sabretooth)

Title: Fell Apart (from the lyrics for "The World Around You," by Papa Roach)
Author: vikingprincess|[personal profile] vikingprincess
Setting: X-Men 616, after Rogue plays tag with Danger in Australia
Characters: Gambit (Rogue)
Rating: All Ages

Title: Overdrive (from the lyrics for "Destroyer," by Static X)
Setting: Movie-verse, XMO:W only
Characters: Sabretooth (Wolverine/Silver Fox)
Rating: PG-13 (lots of obscenity)

Thanks to xenokattz for putting up a music inspired comment fic challenge on her journal!